In the land of Andoran, the spirit of freedom and liberty is celebrated by every voice. It is a banner raised by the hand of every man, woman, and child. It lights every corner of this newborn republic.
Or does it?
Even as the nation seeks to spread the light of its democratic idealism across other lands and break shackles across the waves, shadows of danger and oppression linger even its own corners. While Cheliax sells its collective soul to the devils, Andoran finds itself forced to accept “lesser” evils. One such evil, though they’d deny it, is groups like the Lumber Consortium. Twisting laws meant for freedom to serve their own interest, they use not chains of steel, but of poverty and contracts to enslave men in numerous towns and work sites they own, and they own a great deal.
One such hamlet is Falcon’s Hollow, a logging community in the Dark Moon Vale near the wood of the same name. Life is hard there under the best of conditions, and the Lumber Consortium does not provide the best conditions. Men arrive for a chance at a better life, only to find their sweat buys them little in a land most dangerous.
And it is dangerous. The entire vale is still wild, ridden with banditry and beasts alike. There are rumors of even more monstrous dooms awaiting. Until profits are threatened, the Consortium cares little for the lives endangered by threats be they natural or no. Someone else must rise to the occasion.
Enter our heroes…

Falcon Watch

Dierdrey Zwergin