Falcon Watch

No More Tears
Carnival Complete

The horrors of the Carnival enchanted were many. Men turned to trees while they drank, rides that lead to your doom, glamoured citizens happily butchering their own while blissfully unaware of the atrocities they were performing and more…

Yet the heroes foiled all this and more, saving Hollower after Hollower and foiling plot after plot. The Cold Rider finally sent a spy to see what was hindering them, but Prig, a quickling, was not a terribly obedient servant. Stealing the shard which was the prize all sought from his master, between taunts and treachery, the creature found the shard knocked from his grasp by the quick thinking cleric. Namdrin appeared, the shard was broken and his wife returned to him. However, the true battle was only now at hand.

Namdrin and the heroes faced the Cold Rider himself. Cleaver as ever, the gnome rogue gathered some of the fireworks and then slipped them onto the rider in a bundle. The evoker took advantage of this, lashing out with a firey spell. This damaged the Cold Rider greviously, but the killing blow was struck by the Hunter God and she smote his ruin.

With that, the dark enchantment receded, and people came back to their own minds. Less than a hundred had died thanks to the swift action of the heroes, and while that was small comfort to those who had lost loved ones; none could deny their actions had saved Falcon’s Hollow yet again.

Even in their time of reward, the heroes were gracious. When the fairie queen was prepared to give the cleric of the Dawnflower a gift, the priestess declined, asking instead for healing of the soul to be done to Tessa, Quinn’s wife.

The others received more material rewards, but it was clear the farie queen favored the gnome most of all. Not only did he gain a magic short sword, but the secret of fine fairy bread. Lastly, did he receive her companship for the night… leaving the other heroes to the clean up and trials of politics.

For Kreed still desires to be mayor, and now, with this fey invasion, he has a target to stir and direct hate upon.

Carnival Bound

To sum up as briefly as possible, winter has come early to Falcon’s Hollow. In the weeks after the rescue of the children our heroes have attempted to foil Kreed and his goons with some success, but his power remains intact. Rumors that Falcon’s Hallow will be getting a new mayor for the first time bring little comfort, as Kreed himself may run for it. Add to that, an early winter, and the town is in much need of some distraction from their day to day misery.

That distraction has come in the form of Quinn’s carnival. The heroes themselves wandered in for some fun, though they were not always pleased with that they saw. An encounter with Bloodeye went sour fast, and Rallah has agreed to slip away to Oldfen, but the half orc is more an enemy than ever. Even the common people of Falcon’s Hollow, so used to cruelty, showed an alarming willingess to bully others.

But the fate that awaits them is darker than any mortal deserves. Synitra, queen of fairy in the vale, has warned the adventurers that a cold force of evil holds Quinn in chains of love twisted , holding his wife’s soul in crystal, and while he is held, the corrupted fey of her kingdom shall butcher the carnival goers all while veiled from mortal senses.

The heroes, having partaken of vials she gave, are now immune to it, but time is a dangerous enemy, and they must now race against it. Some may already be dead.

Kid Quest: Part II

It was a trying time for our heroes to be sure. Their shakey alliance made, the adventurers (And the children they had rescued so far) went further into the dungeon. They managed to find and rescue Jurin from a chain bound undead that was attempting to forge his very soul for its own dark mission. The undead, and then its chain, was broken, never to rise again.

But Jurin also refused to go home just yet, even if he could had. One friend remained: Hollin. Verukat continued to scout about, and between his own skills and the word of their ‘allies’, they faced numerous obstacles and dangers. Kobold warriors and assassins with poisoned weapons on the back of grotesque slurks seemed to harry every chamber. Edgrin, the halfling bard, acted as a last shield for the children, and kept their hopes up even as he sought for Tyran, his missing companion.

A kobold hatchery was spared, and lessons filled young minds on the way. Finally, the heroes came to face the Kobold King Merlokrep! Armed with his mighty axe, Manfeller, the king was no weakling. Yet in the end, his own ambition was no match for the rage of the ranger turned paladin Verinna. The annointed of Estrail, with her allies, slew the king and cast down his crowned head.

And yet it was not over. Deeper within, they came a moment too late to save the elf Tyran as her heart was plucked from her breast to feed a dark dagger’s power. Their own kobold allies joined the fight, and the shaman was cast down. Only then did they demand the adventurers leave all their items and wealth in the known treachery. Rather than oblige, the wizard of the party engulfed them in flames as the rogue had planned, and the twice traitors were slain. Hollin was rescued… at least physically.

All the children had been changed somewhat. Perhaps none more than Mikra, who bloomed as full blown sorcerer.

The heroes were hailed by the people of Falcon’s Hollow on their return, and families were reunited. However, Hollin’s seeming numbness alarmed Baenara. Speaking to his sister, it was agreed the boy would be taken to Olfden for healing. Rallah , the sister in question, seemed VERY eager to flee the company of the adventurers. Kreed , for his part, seemed happy at his son’s return, but when he offered coin, he found Baenara refusing it, and with Edgrin’s help, she made a dramatic plea before all the towns folk for him to fund the local temple, and the poor. Kreed, his back to the wall, announced the temple could hand it out for all he cared, thrust the bag into the priestess’ hand, and stomped off, son in tow.

Of course, Jurin now has his own ideas, and is showing a deep interest in Saranrae’s faith.

Kimi’s mother made nigh shameless advances towards the party’s wizard, but both ladies of the party were quick to remind him of his better nature and he declined. This turned out to be a good thing, for Kimi was upset enough as it was at her mother’ behavior.

Mikra’s father didn’t know what to make of his son being a sorcerer, but he could not thank the heroes enough. They get free meat when they come over forever now.

Savram’s father picked HIS boy up, but would later cast him out for his newly aquired fear of the undead. Fortunately, the party would put Jilly and her husband into providing upkeep for the boy and Kalathas offered to mentor the boy in wizardry of a different sort.

As for Hollin, he is now in the care of the clerics of Oldfen at the temple of Saranrae there. Hopefully for a better ending than the one a darker destiny would have provided. His shattered soul may yet find healing.

Kid Quest: Part 1

The group found themselves recovering from their victory, but less and less thrilled with what they found in Falcon’s Hollow among the leadership. While they might be tempted to leave the town entirely, Verinna found her choices reduced for her brother Verox appeared. With him, his new (and newly pregnant) wife, Jilly. Now working as a lumberjack, her younger brother had signed on , allying his fate for at least 3 months to the Lumber Consortium. The heroes decided to go to Oldfen to sell items at fair prices, and pick up some decent gear for Jilly. Verinna found herself meeting a paladin mentor, one Jamus Hainaird, halfling hero.

When they returned to Falcon’s Watch, the sheriff informed them of the latest calamity. Five children were missing. They were:

Kimi Eavewalker- daughter of the ranger Idris. Tomboy and informal ‘leader’ of the quintet.
Hollin Hebbradan- now raised by his sister, Rallah. Wood carver who hopes to do better for his sis.
Mikra Jabbs- Butcher’s son, one more than a little mentally addled. Still, a sweet boy.
Jurin Kreed- Son of the most hated man in town, but actually much nicer than his father.
Savram Vade- A quiet nine year old boy, very intelligent. Son of a local hermit.

Finding out from Dora, a local girl with a bit of a crush on Mikra, that the five had mentioned a ‘Secret Dare’ to visit the burned out ruins of an orphanage. Following this lead, the heroes discovered not the young woman they were looking for, but rather Jeva… a werewolf who had slain the old woman of the orphanage and set the fire in the first place. Gnomish cunning caused the lupine predator to tip her true colors too soon, and she was slain with some effort.

From there, the adventurers found themselves returning to the monestary, and this time, they were obligated to go deeper still. They fought kobolds aplenty, freeings two slaves, and faced a “ghost” that turned out to be a gelationus cube with the armor and weapon of an ancient dwarf.

They also found Kimmi, Mikra, and their rescuer, a halfling bard named Edgrin Galesong locked in a battle with kobold warriors. Rushing to their aid, the adventurers turned the tide and saved the three. Unfortunately, they couldn’t send the three out into the woods safely, and Kimmi wouldn’t go anyway as long as her group was still missing friends. Savram was soon rescued from undead horrors, and despite his necromatic heritage reveled, was very unnerved by the experience.

Later, the group encountered a kobold mystic, and convinced him (and five warriors) to side with them. Of course, they were wise enough to listen when they had ‘left’ and learned that the same mystic would help them fight… but then betray THEM for “shiny shiny good good” aplenty.

The Cure
Victory and more questions

Our heroes entered the dwarven monestary seeking the last part of the cure. While they did battle with skeltons, and found signs of dark worship of an evil dwarven god, it was the wolves that surprised them as they were particularly violent and hateful. However, this would be explained when they encountered the Worg “Graypelt”. Despite his attempt to trick him, the heroes didn’t fall for his lies and instead did battle. Baenara (sp?) was nearly killed,inches from death, it seemed like it might take days for her to recover. Yet Verinna had a dream, urging her to follow a “new path” . She awoke, put her hands against the priestess of Sarenrae, and to everyone’s surprise, including her own, healed the cleric to wakefulness.

They followed a vision of a stag that only the ranger could see, and found themselves out of mist at the edge of Falcon’s Hollow. With the cure in hand, they were relieved to find only 8 people had died, though Kalathus took it harder than he wanted to let on. Alas, they also ran into the local Gavel and his lacky “Payday”. It was instant dislike and Kreed strongly hinted they should move on even as he thanked them.

The local sheriff, however, was more gracious in his praise, and voiced his hope they’d linger around yet.

The local children were certainly taken with the ranger’s taking the time to tell them a tale or two.

Two Goals Down
Tree lizards and Killer Cauldrons

Finding away over the river turned out to be both harder and easier than our heroes thought. They stumbled upon a firefoot fox badly mangled but still alive in a trap. No sooner did the ranger try to rescue it, when the gnome discovered who had set the trap. A hobgoblin hunter seeking to ambush them found things turned about when he himself was slain by the rogue quickly and quietly. While some debate came up if healing an animal with clerical spells was worth it, in the end it was. And the party moved on, but the ranger had picked up an orange and red shadow.

The need for healing would be tested as they came to the Eldertree they sought later that night. No sooner did they make camp in its clearing with a dragonlike beast struck from its boughs and attempted to snatch the gnome (The smallest of the party) for devouring. Sickened by poison, the gnome managed to slip away, and the best was put down by the blades of ranger and cleric, and the final blow coming from the evoker. The elderwood yielded up not just the ingredient (part one) but some treasure from hunters that the beast had slain and left in the tree to rot.

A day later, the trip to an old witch’s hut showed no witch, but as they sought the 2nd ingredient, they found a cauldron guardian that was quite vicious. Persistence and team work lead to its defeat, but the wizard was badly wounded, and the ranger not looking too good either. Still, they found the ratstail root plus a gruesome little magic item.

Now, only a quest into an ancient dwarven ruin remains…

Hollow's Last Hope

Each of the characters found themselves seeking a life of adventure. The cleric had a vision of a dark shadow claiming people who held out their hands, and then when ignored, were drawn into the shadow entirely. The ranger found herself seeking adventure to honor her family, and yet avoid the obligation of marriage after her grandfather died. The gnome, a roguish cook, felt it was time to stir himself again with a chance of the new foodstuff he heard of from a half elven wizard. The Wizard? He was on the way already.

They met for the first time as a group in Oldfen, and found themselves amendiable to each other’s company. Alas, Oldfen would be the last place in Darkmoon Vale they would truly feel welcome. Upon reaching the town of Falcon’s Hollow, they discovered distrust, hot tempers, povery… and plague. The blackscour taint had taken at least thirty townsfolk ,some of them children or elderly.

The local herbalist, Laurel, was in over her head, but too proud to admit it. The Adventurers offered their aid (The cleric insisted on it, in fact) and when they convinced the herbalist of their good intentions, she sent them after a longshot cure.

It would require:
1) Elderwood Mold: Found at the oldest tree in the forest.
2) A pickled root called Rat’s Tail: Perhaps Ulizmila has some at her hut
3) Ironbloom mushrooms: Perhaps to be found at old dwarven ruins near rusted metal.

The ranger thought she knew the way, and to save time, they made towards the river. Before that occured though, they had an encounter with a rather ugly blood sucker that tried to prey on the wizard. Fortunately, keen eyes prevailed, and it was killed before it could see what half-elf tastes like.

With no request made for reward, or for that matter, with no welcome at their arrival, the heroes seek to find this cure, feeling guilty even that they must rest.


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