Falcon Watch

Carnival Bound

To sum up as briefly as possible, winter has come early to Falcon’s Hollow. In the weeks after the rescue of the children our heroes have attempted to foil Kreed and his goons with some success, but his power remains intact. Rumors that Falcon’s Hallow will be getting a new mayor for the first time bring little comfort, as Kreed himself may run for it. Add to that, an early winter, and the town is in much need of some distraction from their day to day misery.

That distraction has come in the form of Quinn’s carnival. The heroes themselves wandered in for some fun, though they were not always pleased with that they saw. An encounter with Bloodeye went sour fast, and Rallah has agreed to slip away to Oldfen, but the half orc is more an enemy than ever. Even the common people of Falcon’s Hollow, so used to cruelty, showed an alarming willingess to bully others.

But the fate that awaits them is darker than any mortal deserves. Synitra, queen of fairy in the vale, has warned the adventurers that a cold force of evil holds Quinn in chains of love twisted , holding his wife’s soul in crystal, and while he is held, the corrupted fey of her kingdom shall butcher the carnival goers all while veiled from mortal senses.

The heroes, having partaken of vials she gave, are now immune to it, but time is a dangerous enemy, and they must now race against it. Some may already be dead.



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