Falcon Watch

Kid Quest: Part 1

The group found themselves recovering from their victory, but less and less thrilled with what they found in Falcon’s Hollow among the leadership. While they might be tempted to leave the town entirely, Verinna found her choices reduced for her brother Verox appeared. With him, his new (and newly pregnant) wife, Jilly. Now working as a lumberjack, her younger brother had signed on , allying his fate for at least 3 months to the Lumber Consortium. The heroes decided to go to Oldfen to sell items at fair prices, and pick up some decent gear for Jilly. Verinna found herself meeting a paladin mentor, one Jamus Hainaird, halfling hero.

When they returned to Falcon’s Watch, the sheriff informed them of the latest calamity. Five children were missing. They were:

Kimi Eavewalker- daughter of the ranger Idris. Tomboy and informal ‘leader’ of the quintet.
Hollin Hebbradan- now raised by his sister, Rallah. Wood carver who hopes to do better for his sis.
Mikra Jabbs- Butcher’s son, one more than a little mentally addled. Still, a sweet boy.
Jurin Kreed- Son of the most hated man in town, but actually much nicer than his father.
Savram Vade- A quiet nine year old boy, very intelligent. Son of a local hermit.

Finding out from Dora, a local girl with a bit of a crush on Mikra, that the five had mentioned a ‘Secret Dare’ to visit the burned out ruins of an orphanage. Following this lead, the heroes discovered not the young woman they were looking for, but rather Jeva… a werewolf who had slain the old woman of the orphanage and set the fire in the first place. Gnomish cunning caused the lupine predator to tip her true colors too soon, and she was slain with some effort.

From there, the adventurers found themselves returning to the monestary, and this time, they were obligated to go deeper still. They fought kobolds aplenty, freeings two slaves, and faced a “ghost” that turned out to be a gelationus cube with the armor and weapon of an ancient dwarf.

They also found Kimmi, Mikra, and their rescuer, a halfling bard named Edgrin Galesong locked in a battle with kobold warriors. Rushing to their aid, the adventurers turned the tide and saved the three. Unfortunately, they couldn’t send the three out into the woods safely, and Kimmi wouldn’t go anyway as long as her group was still missing friends. Savram was soon rescued from undead horrors, and despite his necromatic heritage reveled, was very unnerved by the experience.

Later, the group encountered a kobold mystic, and convinced him (and five warriors) to side with them. Of course, they were wise enough to listen when they had ‘left’ and learned that the same mystic would help them fight… but then betray THEM for “shiny shiny good good” aplenty.



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