Falcon Watch

Kid Quest: Part II

It was a trying time for our heroes to be sure. Their shakey alliance made, the adventurers (And the children they had rescued so far) went further into the dungeon. They managed to find and rescue Jurin from a chain bound undead that was attempting to forge his very soul for its own dark mission. The undead, and then its chain, was broken, never to rise again.

But Jurin also refused to go home just yet, even if he could had. One friend remained: Hollin. Verukat continued to scout about, and between his own skills and the word of their ‘allies’, they faced numerous obstacles and dangers. Kobold warriors and assassins with poisoned weapons on the back of grotesque slurks seemed to harry every chamber. Edgrin, the halfling bard, acted as a last shield for the children, and kept their hopes up even as he sought for Tyran, his missing companion.

A kobold hatchery was spared, and lessons filled young minds on the way. Finally, the heroes came to face the Kobold King Merlokrep! Armed with his mighty axe, Manfeller, the king was no weakling. Yet in the end, his own ambition was no match for the rage of the ranger turned paladin Verinna. The annointed of Estrail, with her allies, slew the king and cast down his crowned head.

And yet it was not over. Deeper within, they came a moment too late to save the elf Tyran as her heart was plucked from her breast to feed a dark dagger’s power. Their own kobold allies joined the fight, and the shaman was cast down. Only then did they demand the adventurers leave all their items and wealth in the known treachery. Rather than oblige, the wizard of the party engulfed them in flames as the rogue had planned, and the twice traitors were slain. Hollin was rescued… at least physically.

All the children had been changed somewhat. Perhaps none more than Mikra, who bloomed as full blown sorcerer.

The heroes were hailed by the people of Falcon’s Hollow on their return, and families were reunited. However, Hollin’s seeming numbness alarmed Baenara. Speaking to his sister, it was agreed the boy would be taken to Olfden for healing. Rallah , the sister in question, seemed VERY eager to flee the company of the adventurers. Kreed , for his part, seemed happy at his son’s return, but when he offered coin, he found Baenara refusing it, and with Edgrin’s help, she made a dramatic plea before all the towns folk for him to fund the local temple, and the poor. Kreed, his back to the wall, announced the temple could hand it out for all he cared, thrust the bag into the priestess’ hand, and stomped off, son in tow.

Of course, Jurin now has his own ideas, and is showing a deep interest in Saranrae’s faith.

Kimi’s mother made nigh shameless advances towards the party’s wizard, but both ladies of the party were quick to remind him of his better nature and he declined. This turned out to be a good thing, for Kimi was upset enough as it was at her mother’ behavior.

Mikra’s father didn’t know what to make of his son being a sorcerer, but he could not thank the heroes enough. They get free meat when they come over forever now.

Savram’s father picked HIS boy up, but would later cast him out for his newly aquired fear of the undead. Fortunately, the party would put Jilly and her husband into providing upkeep for the boy and Kalathas offered to mentor the boy in wizardry of a different sort.

As for Hollin, he is now in the care of the clerics of Oldfen at the temple of Saranrae there. Hopefully for a better ending than the one a darker destiny would have provided. His shattered soul may yet find healing.



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