Falcon Watch

No More Tears

Carnival Complete

The horrors of the Carnival enchanted were many. Men turned to trees while they drank, rides that lead to your doom, glamoured citizens happily butchering their own while blissfully unaware of the atrocities they were performing and more…

Yet the heroes foiled all this and more, saving Hollower after Hollower and foiling plot after plot. The Cold Rider finally sent a spy to see what was hindering them, but Prig, a quickling, was not a terribly obedient servant. Stealing the shard which was the prize all sought from his master, between taunts and treachery, the creature found the shard knocked from his grasp by the quick thinking cleric. Namdrin appeared, the shard was broken and his wife returned to him. However, the true battle was only now at hand.

Namdrin and the heroes faced the Cold Rider himself. Cleaver as ever, the gnome rogue gathered some of the fireworks and then slipped them onto the rider in a bundle. The evoker took advantage of this, lashing out with a firey spell. This damaged the Cold Rider greviously, but the killing blow was struck by the Hunter God and she smote his ruin.

With that, the dark enchantment receded, and people came back to their own minds. Less than a hundred had died thanks to the swift action of the heroes, and while that was small comfort to those who had lost loved ones; none could deny their actions had saved Falcon’s Hollow yet again.

Even in their time of reward, the heroes were gracious. When the fairie queen was prepared to give the cleric of the Dawnflower a gift, the priestess declined, asking instead for healing of the soul to be done to Tessa, Quinn’s wife.

The others received more material rewards, but it was clear the farie queen favored the gnome most of all. Not only did he gain a magic short sword, but the secret of fine fairy bread. Lastly, did he receive her companship for the night… leaving the other heroes to the clean up and trials of politics.

For Kreed still desires to be mayor, and now, with this fey invasion, he has a target to stir and direct hate upon.



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